Balfin Group

Balfin Holding was founded in 2018 and belongs to BALFIN Group. Our main focus is the development of exclusive real estate projects in Austria. Through our projects we strive for positive change by trying to leave behind a better physical environment and an improved social fabric.

BALFIN Group (Balkan Finance Investment Group) is one of the most significant and successful investment groups in the Western Balkans. We are    a trustworthy partner, conducting business activities in a wide range of industries on a national and international scale, at the highest business and ethical standards with substantial financial capital, outstanding human resources, and a rigorous focus on innovation.

BALFIN Group was founded in 1993 in Vienna by Mr. Samir Mane, and is currently located and operating in Austria, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Switzerland, Croatia, and the Netherlands. The Group employs approximately 5,200 people, whose dedication and passion remain key to our success story.

BALFIN Group has made constant progress in overall growth by upgrading standards and shifting towards sustainability. Through economic development, employment opportunities, innovation, and social involvement, BALFIN Group challenges the status quo, fostering a positive impact on communities.

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